Where to Report Defective Phone Cards

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These days, prepaid phone cards to call long distance or overseas, is seen as a better alternative to standard telephone calling plans, calls or charging away from home for a credit card.

It is also sold in blocks of minutes fro 10 minutes later. Callers must first dial a toll free access number and enter the PIN code if you want to call. Some calling cards can also be added to, or where they were purchased over the Internet or by telephone or credit card.

Check-out card policies and restrictions before buying one.

Most prepaid phone cards are relatively easy to find, and they are usually sold at convenience stores and other retailers, from vending machines, through the Internet, and some are not used for charitable fundraisers.

Most of the major national service providers to sell prepaid phone cards. Other cards carry retailer, organization, or other telecommunications companies that bought the minutes of long distance service wholesale brand name. Some state laws or regulations relating to prepaid calling card rules, while others do not. However, in many cases, the legislation relating to consumer protection and contract law apply to prepaid phone cards.

Users who do not receive the full value of the card or who do not deal with advertising are encouraged to report their problems and that is one of the best ways that consumers can affect the market. Before buying one, consumers are advised to first read the specific card rules and regulations and to check whether they are applicable to your locale, in order to avoid paying for those who can give you the wrong course, or have limited services in your area.

How do I report directly to the card issuer

Users who have specific complaints about the cards, the quality of services they purchase, they should first check if the card shows the toll-free customer service number. Card industry trade association, the International Telecard Association also operates a free consumer hotline.

However, if your concerns are not resolved quickly the card issuer, it is best to contact your state Public Utility Commission, local consumer protection offices and (or) your state Attorney General.

How to file complaints with federal and industry regulators

Since each state has the U.S. government agency, usually called utility commission (PUC), the Public Service Commission (PSC), or corporate commission, which regulates telephone companies to find the contact numbers of agencies in your local yellow pages. Several states have adopted laws and regulations requiring disclosure of information about prepaid phone cards. Even if your state does not complain of their national regulator creates the need for such disclosures.

It would also be good to try visiting the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commission, and find your state interactive map or drop-down menu. Most of the municipal Web sites usually provide contact information and offer online methods of filing a complaint against erring phone card providers.

How to file complaints with state agencies.

State attorneys general and consumer welfare is often the first organization to manage complaints of fraud and contract disputes for telephone cards, and some also provide mediation services.

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Where to Report Defective Phone Cards

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This article was published on 2012/02/14