Proximity Cards are Highly Trusted for Security Reasons

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Proximity cards are widely used in organizations to for security reasons. These cards are powered by high tech technology and are high on dependability. There benefits are many and usability is easy too.

Proximity cards are also called as access cards in simple terms; these cards look like ID cards but are a bit different from them. These have a magnetic chip within them which allow access to a certain place only after the magnetic chip is detected by the particular device. In a lot of organizations entry is restricted to certain people due to security reasons in such cases a proximity card works the best. The machine will only detect the cards that it is not programmed to detect. Any amount of physical effort will also not help.

Proximity cards are widely used for attendance purposes in organizations. These cards are to be swiped every time a person enters or exits the office premises. It is highly effective in keeping an accurate track record. The magnetic chip inside the card is programmed in such a way that unless they receive proper signals from the opposite device they will not work. In case either the card or the device which gives the signal is corrupt the desired action will not happen. The most important aspect of these cards is they are wireless and can offer high level of security. There are no buttons that are required to operate these cards. All that is required is the proper programming of the card with the device where it needs to be swiped.

There have been a lot of advancements in the technology used in Proximity Cards. Earlier they were used for security reasons but now looking at the great benefits these cards provide their look and performance has changed drastically. A lot of customization is being added too. There are a lot of professional proximity card makers who customize and add additional features to the card. There is a high demand for sensor based proximity cards, these cards also detect whether the person using the card is the real bearer of the card or not through sensor detection. They at times even serve as ID cards.

Proximity cards are the need of the hour from the security point of view. From financial institutions to jewelry stores to highly secretive information centers they are used everywhere. They are foolproof and give the users a sense of safety and security always. They are a bit high on production costs but the price is worth the benefits they provide.

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Proximity Cards are Highly Trusted for Security Reasons

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This article was published on 2010/10/07