How to Recovered Lost Pictures of Alumni Meet

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Every innovation bring in its wake, some set of problems. Yes, today's digital cameras offer great features, but do not come without problems. They have certainly eased the humongous task of photo capturing, storage, sharing and deletion, as simple as 1, 2, 3. Yes deletion too is simple, just press a button, and all the pictures captured and saved in your SD card will be lost in a jiffy. But, thanks to the emergence of SD card recovery software, photo loss due to such incidents can be kept at bay.

Having met a large number of my old college friends and teachers at an alumni meet, I clicked endlessly with my camera. They were such wonderful moments. All the pranks that we played on our teachers, and the innumerable gags that our juniors had lived with, came back gushingly. Not only did we remember those moments, we created many more such moments. I had gone all prepared with a bunch of cards there, so as to ensure that I could click to my hearts content. Before we departed, we went to our classroom to click group photos. Since, I was the only one with a storage capacity in my camera card, I was the only one to have a collection of these group photos, which I promised to send everyone to their email addresses.

On coming back home, I instantly connected the cards to my computer, one after the other to transfer the photos. After I had transferred photos from all the cards, but one, I was left with transfer from the one which bore photos and videos that I had to send others. But, what's this? The card refused to acknowledge that there was anything saved in it. How could that be? I had viewed the pictures after everybody had departed! Instantly, I contacted one of my closest friends, who took it as a gag, but was convinced after a while that there was something wrong, and I was not fooling-around.

He asked me to wait for his call, while he discussed with a photographer friend of his. Within ten-minutes, he called me back, saying that, the error was coming because the card had been formatted by me. This sounded ridiculous. But, this was a new camera that I had bought, so maybe! Accidentally!!

I wasn't sure, what was wrong. But I took his advice, and downloaded demo version of a SD card recovery software to try and perform SD card recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery worked like magic. I simply had to select the media for recovery, and click the scan button, and instantly, every single file kept appearing, and I could see the preview of each one, in a pane. I instantly downloaded the full version of this easy-to-use SD card recovery tool, and recovered all the pictures.

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How to Recovered Lost Pictures of Alumni Meet

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This article was published on 2010/12/10