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A green card is the most important thing most people around the world wish to obtain. A green card allows immigrants from various countries from all over the world to live and work permanently in the United States.

There are various ways to obtain a green card. America provides may benefits to the green card holders. They may be employed in the United States, have the right to travel in and out of United States, may start own business or corporation and enjoy many other benefits.

One of the ways of obtaining green card is if you are married to a US citizen or a lawful permanent resident. Or, if you are engaged to a US citizen, you may obtain a K-1 visa and then apply for a green card. Firstly, your spouse (if you enter the US on fiance visa you should get married within 90 days) must file a petition for you to start the green card process. Once the application is filed, the USCIS will check the application and the reason for the petition and the documents provided to ensure all the information is correct. Once the petition by your spouse has been approved, you may file an application to adjust your status to a permanent resident. You will then have an interview with the immigration officials and on approval of your petition you will be issued the green card.

The other method to obtain green card is through employment. This involves a lengthy three step process to obtain a green card. America issues green cards to many people for employment purposes.

The first step is that your US employer petitions a labor certificate for you to prove that you are skilled for that job and that at the time of employment no other eligible candidate was found for the job.
The second step is your US employer filling out the I-140 form (immigrant petition for alien worker) and submitting it to USCIS along with the labor certification.
The third and the final step is filing for adjustment of status, which on approval will make you a lawful permanent resident.

One of the easiest way of obtaining green card is through the green card lottery program. As it is a dream for many people to get green card, America administers this program every year for people from various regions that have low immigration rates to the United States. Each year 50,000 visas are issued to the winners of the green card lottery program. Unlike the other visa requirements, DV lottery has less eligibility requirements to participate in the lottery program. Applicants need to satisfy the basic eligibility requirements and submit their application along with the photographs. Once submission is over, a computer will randomly pick the entries submitted from all over the regions. Winners of the draw will be notified by mail and they will be provided with further instructions.

Apart from the above mentioned ways, an individual may obtain green card through asylum / refugee status, through investment, adoption and various other ways.
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There are various methods to obtain a green card. America allows foreign nationals to obtain the rights to live and work permanently in the United States by obtaining a greencard. To know more about green card visit for more information.

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Green Card America

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This article was published on 2010/12/30