Constructing The Framework Of The Digital Campus Card Integration Solution

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So-called "one card for the framework of the" integrated digital campus program, refers to the integration process in the digital campus in a subsystem of the digital campus?? Card system as a framework for connecting various applications and standards achieved by a small card the flow of information and sharing. The reason for the "One Card" this subsystem integration framework as a digital campus, is integrated by the system's own requirements and the card subsystem in a digital campus in the importance, significance and characteristics of its own decision.

A digital campus card system 1, the concept of smart card system

So-called smart card currently no unified concept, which is more appropriate interpretation should be "one card for a bank line," that a Network cable Connected to a database, through a comprehensive Software Achieve set IC Card Management , Query and other functions, the entire system card. "One Card", is a card with different functions to achieve a variety of intelligent management, an access card, a lot of equipment, rather than the different functions have different cards, different machines use different cards; " line "is a line through a variety of messages, a variety of different devices are hung on a line with a line through the PC Machine an interface to all devices linked up with different data, information exchange; a library, is the basic information database. In College Management Information System in the card, through a small Radio frequency card , You can make a computer from the school of stand-alone unit Office Equipment Move to a set of office, management, teaching, academic exchange for the integrated information resources to provide schools with a school-wide coverage Security , Reliable, fast, flexible Campus Network Contact, so that school teaching, research and management with advanced computer network environment.

So-called "Bank Card", that card from the Bank And the University jointly issued the card with the bank issuing Credit card And the dual function of campus card, bank card is responsible for maintaining the bank accounts, schools are responsible for maintaining the campus card accounts, two accounts take place through the E-purse top and lap association, and by the banks Proxy And the transfer function of the completion of a large number of school finance. Student And the staff first deposit cash in bank accounts when required by "E-purse top transfer" or "automatic transfer" program to the school's e-wallet accounts, students or staff Consumption The school account (electronic wallet) of the money, and do not frequently operate bank accounts, so the card with "electronic book" and the "electronic wallet" double feature.

2, construction Campus Card The significance of the system

To Campus "One Card" system construction is of great significance, mainly in the following points:

(1) Campus "One Card" system construction will take bank card financial functions and non-contact electronic purse, electronic management of integrated approach, students can network or self-service banking around the terminal to achieve deposit, consumption, transfers and other financial payments; can replace the students and faculty in schools of all documents (student ID, work ID, library card, health card, etc.), used in a variety of needs identification MIS systems; can be located in non-contact IC Chip Implementation of the e-wallet Dining , School shopping, the machine online, medical, library and other school spending. Campus "One Card" system of construction is the college development trend of information technology, is a symbol of modern management college.

(2) Campus "One Card" system of construction, will allow existing business and university management system relatively independent of each other effectively integrate an imbalance, reducing waste and duplication of resources to achieve business process reengineering, for construction national first-class universities have special significance.

(3) Campus "One Card" system of construction, will effectively ease the school management and logistics Service Heavy business, to improve school management and improving logistics service quality, improve efficiency, become the teachers and students work, study and Life An integral part.

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Constructing The Framework Of The Digital Campus Card Integration Solution

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