Condolence Messages for Bereavement Cards and Sympathy Thank You Cards

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Condolence Messages

Bereavement Cards may seem like a small effort in light of the terrible loss suffered by recipients. However, the sincere Bereavement Sympathy Cards Wordings you'll find on these condolence messages is often exactly what the person needs to let them know people do care about their loss and are there to support them during a horrible time in their lives. While there are a few other things you can do as well, such as sending flowers, sending these cards is the best place to start.

Tips on Sympathy Card Messages

First, you'll want to remember that your message does not need be very long. Hopefully, the family will be receiving many such card sympathy and may not have the energy to read a lengthy message. Plus, the more you end up writing the better the risk of saying something which might be hurtful, even if it's only an accidental slip. For example, some writers of condolence Sympathy Thank You Cards have mistakenly written "Time heals all wounds" as a way of trying to perk up the grieving person but the reaction is usually the opposite.

A good idea is to stick with a few basic messages. Make sure you add phrases to your Sympathy Cards such as "With deepest sympathy" or "You're in our prayers." It's also nice to mention some fond memories you have of the deceased person. Always refer to the deceased by name even if you did not know him or her very well.

Other Tips for printed Sympathy Cards

If you knew the deceased person very well, it's completely fine to write a bit more and mention how much the person meant to you. Briefly mentioning a special memory or anecdote might be a nice touch, too. Make sure you sign the message with your full name so the recipient will know specifically who sent the message. If the bereavement card is coming from your entire family, make sure to include "and Family" after your signature.

When you send custom condolence messages, it's perfectly fine to express a willingness to do something kind for the bereaved person. Don't make an open ended offer. The person may need your assistance but may not even realize what needs to be done because of his or her grief. Plus, by making a more specific offer of assistance you won't have to worry about being asked to do anything you weren't willing to do in the first place.

If you've also sent flowers to the funeral, you don't need to mention this in the Christian sympathy cards or Funeral Cards. Also, you don't want to assume that the flowers themselves are a substitute for Condolence Cards. Most grieving families do not have a chance to read all of the cards included with the flowers so they may not know immediately who sent them. The loss Sympathy Cards are a good way of letting them know early on how that you are there for them during this time.

Attending the funeral does not mean you can't also send condolence messages. In fact, doing both is always a good and much appreciated idea.

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Condolence Messages for Bereavement Cards and Sympathy Thank You Cards

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