Business Card for Karate Teachers: Give Your Marketing a High Kick

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As a karate teacher your dedication is to your pupils who are constantly learning and progressing in their training. However, it is important not to forget to market your karate school and skills to other members of the community who might be interested in signing up for a course, or signing their child up for one.  Having a business card for karate teachers is a great way to subtly market, but still reach a large audience in the community who is searching for a way to get physically fit.

Kicking Your Marketing into Gear with Business Cards

Karate business cards are often the last thing that teachers think of when they are considering ways to market their business. But the truth of the matter is that professional cards have a lot of potential in drawing new students to your school and karate classes, not to mention they are an affordable marketing means. Think about all the places that your card can make an impression, after school programs, local sporting events, gyms and, strange as it sounds, even restaurants. Anywhere that there are people who are interested in getting physically fit, you have a potential audience for your card. I am sure some of your current students are even inclined to share your card with their friends or co-workers to help.

Business cards for karate teachers speak professionalism and dedication to your teachings, and helping others become physically fit. You can use them to increase your sales without the fear of losing money on a marketing scheme that could potentially not work. Business cards always work!

How to Create the Right Card?

When you are ready to create your horizontal or vertical business cards, the first place you should go for ideas is to an online printing company that specializes in creating cards for professionals. Here you can see if there are any templates or samples of already made karate business cards or those that were made for physical activity sports. These are great sources for ideas to help you decide if you want to design your card yourself, or use a pre-existing template from a printing company.

Before you order your cards you want to be sure that you double check all of the content added to your card for misspellings, punctuation and other mistakes. Your card template is final once you submit it, and you don’t want a mistake transpired to all of your professional cards that you hand out. Also make sure that the layout of your card is what you want. Check the options like vertical business cards layout is or is not selected, based on your choice, and that the colors and finish are exactly as you want them to appear on each of your cards. Mistakes gone unnoticed are final, so a double check is always suggested.

Think about the potential that a small business card has for your business, you might have to create more classes to fit all of your new students!


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Business Card for Karate Teachers: Give Your Marketing a High Kick

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Business Card for Karate Teachers: Give Your Marketing a High Kick

This article was published on 2012/05/22